Madinina, L'île aux fleurs, l'île des revenants, chalè, chalè !!!

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30 septembre, 2007

Everybody welcome to Madinina

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Welcome to my blog, Martinique, island of flowers, island of ghosts*!! I am trying to talk to you the best of my country, Martinique, previously, Madinina or Madiana.

Name and country I love dramatically, you will find through writings, tales, poems, Caribbean and revenue Creoles, but also of images and pictures for the moment.

Madinina is in itself a land of a charming cocktail, a land of interbreeding, men, landscapes, colors and smells.

You will certainly delighted and you will have the desire to come to a round. Do you push not, the sun is more often now and even when it rains, it is warm.

However, I shall not know how to forget other islands of the arch where live sisters and brothers of the Caribbean, I will make short excursions with you in a rubric there whom I called : Bo kay nou (Almost home)

But, do not forget during your visit to respect our environment in order to save for our future generations.

I also talks about my job, my professional structure and a bit of my life.

Thank you in advance to read me and to respect my island!! 

Ps: In Martinique, about my job, for intervention on prevention toxics (crack cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, etc..) Can contact me by e-mail, associations, municipalities, public schools or private companies and even individuals.

The address is:

*Ghosts in the sense of those who were delighted, charmed and which this fact, come back again and forever.

 Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenido1000532.jpg Kontan wè zot, Bienvenue, Très bon séjour

                                                                                                                                              Charles Godefroy CATORC

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