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17 avril, 2008

Good Trip Aimé Césaire

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  Le lycéen surdoué  />(photo : Aimé Césaire en 1960) </i>quitte pour la première fois les Antilles en 1931 et entre en hypokhâgne au lycée Louis-Le-Grand à Paris, grâce à une bourse.Il y forge une solide amitié avec le futur président sénégalais Léopold Sédar Senghor. En dépit de ses études brillantes – il décroche Normale Sup’ en 1935-, il trouve le temps de fonder la revue  »L’Etudiant noir » où, pour la première fois, des écrivains noirs réfutent les modèles littéraires traditionnels. » height= »368″ width= »349″ /></p>
<p align= Today, the Thursday, April 17 2008, a chappe lead was shot down on me, on the Martinique and the rest of the World.

Aimé Césaire, the Negro is fundamental in went.

He has gone gently, without making noise and without any form of trial. From the lifting of the day, in the sky, a tough fight has committed itself between the sun and rain; it is my opinion that each of these elements wanted to keep a leadersh on this day singular.

The sun who learned very early this departure wanted at any price glow on this day, a way for him to continue to pay him tribute. Yes because it considers that Césaire has been for all its people and for many other also a ray of sunshine in the long road to their itinerary of suffering and misery.

The rain as it was claiming that day because she said, he had cry the departure of the leader of this guide, this monument, this « Poto mitan », this « Mapipi », this Césaire both Aimé who forever will mark the conscience of a people, the black people.

After battle throughout this painful day, the sun and rain seem decide by mutual agreement to put an end to their hostility as knew so well done Césaire with all those who cotôyé for different reasons.

They decided finally to unite to better accompany the « Mapipi » in his last and long trip.

Shinning Sun in this man to universal dimension and on his work colossal.

Crying oh sky of this blessing Rain  to honor and baste this water journey a people in tears and in grief.

Thank you Mr. Aimé Césaire for giving me my dignity, my status of free man and my pride to be ghost writer. No person, no man can make me down the knees; I am for a long time and will always be a man standing. I cease to thank you for it all.

I hope and think that the children of Martinique will be grateful for very long decades, if not forever.

Today, the chantre of the Black is gone.

He can get to where it should happen, but I remain convinced that there will succeed with the help of Very High.

Good road trip and Mr. Aimé Césaire, you are forever engraved in my heart.


                                                                                        Charles C.

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