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21 avril, 2008

Goodbye Aimé Césaire

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This morning, a double arc-in-sky appeared in the skies of Fort-of-France.

A double arc-in-sky whose ends left joined the city Foyalaise.

Was it on the Mairie of Césaire or on the Cathedral of the City Capital was unfolding a board religious delivered by Bishop MERANVILLE Archevèque of Martinique in the presence of many personalities from the country to make a final tribute to this Nègre Primary ?

I do not know point, but, perhaps just a symbolic grateful for the Very High who he was already a blink an eye for him mean only one Quixidar Heavenly him was already traçée in the sky Foyalais.

Take this route oh Aimé Césaire, I am sure she you is destiny, do not worry, because as you were a father for many of us, your Father The-Top await you now; your mission on this Earth is accomplished !

The great Coubaril, the robust Fromager, the immense Baobab has lowered its branches after having suffered so many earthquakes and A Storm ultimate. Not through fatigue, but let me rather to think that it is the Very High who requires his presence close to him now, because he feels no doubt he will have been to the end of all its struggles for humanity.

      « It is time for Yourself, The Laminar come tell me how thou hast sa love this people and why this people thee hast both Aimé« .

      « Yes, just tell me what The Weapons Miraculous that you would have employed, or what Speech on the Colonnianisne, would thee thou inspired to give thy people its dignity, pride, his freedom, his identity and this Love for thee ».

       « Can you say about this, that in effect, The Dogs are to be quiet  when thee, the Chantre of the Black was speaking and that despite The Great King’s Christophe, thou hast sa demonstrated to thy people that now, he can walk the head high, the pace altière and he can say today that: Nègre I am, Negro I will stay« .

Go Césaire, we without horror that Quixidar Divine;

Go Aimé, a covered thee look at the table of the Lord;

Go Césaire both Aimé, your people that your to look after, its confidence does not to keep not one iota.

The Very-High cannot that love thee, Césaire!!

Bélya for Césaire, Elya for Aimé !


                                                                                                         Charles. C

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