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18 juin, 2009

My structure, CSRM / Clarac

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 The Center for Care and Rehabilitation of Martinique (CSRM) is the administrative language in an outpatient CSST, a  » residential treatment center « , a  » hospital unit  » and a  » permanent home « with treatment substitution with regard to the site Clarac.It provides a wide range of care but was also involved in prevention, training and research.

It is a department that has three units :

A unit of ambulatory care -USSARD

(Specialized Ambulatory Care and Research on Addictions)


It receives consultations with people with problems of addictions :

- Consumers of drugs, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, drugs,

- Anorexic and bulimic behavior,

- Passion play,

- repetitive Overindebtedness,

- Other Addictions.

It is also any person with addiction problems (no age limit), also parents, families and friends of addicted patients.

A residential unit

It receives all those for which an institutional stay is necessary and possible, regardless of their addictions.

It provides guidance and intensive care for three months in most cases, but not always, since the length of stay depends on the evolution of addicts.

A unit of substitution treatment and harm reduction, which is responsible for :

- Substitution treatment by methadone and Subutex for addicts to opiates.

- Actions to reduce risks in close collaboration with USSARD, ECIMUD the team and the future street.

These three units have a joint team to psychological, educational, medical, psychiatric, social, psychoanalytical, cognitive, behavioral and educational.

No prior approval is required for admission. The addicted person is always welcomed without trial and listened to the full.

Indications for admission to the accommodation are :

1) The crack addiction is severe,

2) There is no support for the environment,

3) Several outpatient treatment were thwarted by relapses,

4) There is a concomitant dependence on other drugs or a « comorbid » psychiatric or somatic.

Care accommodation comprises two components :


1) a substantive component which consists of the attitude towards drugs, an equal and full of respect for those who have the courage to embark on the adventure of a life without drugs.

2) A component of technical interventions, hospitalization CHU, lodging at the Center, relaxation, inspiration psychoanalytic psychotherapy, acupuncture, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, educational activities with educators of accommodation, medical consultations, use of alcoologue , establishment or continuation of a substitution treatment for drug addicts to opiate, …

The residents are not home, they are invited therapists.

As an addiction for which there is no substitution treatment, encouraging abstinence is one of the priorities of the Care Center.

Upon admission, the resident owns the residence.

The proposed contract is as follows :

No drugs, except medical,

No violence,

No visits,

A search is performed on entry, which marks the protective function of the institution.

The length of stay is for a period of three months.

Any resident is assigned a reference to two educators working in pairs and are the guarantors of care resident said. 



L'équipe multidisciplinaire

A part of the team

The CSRM is a service attached to the CHU Fort-de-France, which is the manager. Dear Director of CHU, Mr. VENTURA Frantz is the director of fact.

Then we find Ms. PERRONNETTE-DAVILA which is responsible for communication and responsible for all relations between the structure and leadership of CHU.


The project manager and designer is Professor Aimé CHARLES-NICOLAS.

Ms. Jocelyne CALABER is the responsible social education, she is responsible for the operation of the structure and is the guarantor of the project.

His job is also to supervise the balance of care :

Animate summaries provide the training needs of staff,

supporting team members in their educational approaches and bring them to transform them into therapeutic,

training day team,

building therapeutic tools and evaluation, with team members to be appropriated,

building a network of partners and promote primary prevention: educate and inform the population of adults and young children about the Addiction,

participate in the development of technical care and prevention tools with partners medical, cultural, and political teachers, being on the red light districts with drug addicts and make the connection with the care center, and in general, participate in anything that strengthens the social bond.


Mr Daniel AGLAE is his assistant (responsible teacher), it is particularly in charge of everything that concerns the care of residents (the guarantor of individual project), planning staff and educational relations with the hierarchy. We find a cluster of physicians (a psychiatrist, a general practitioner acupuncturist, a general internal, a psychologist, a general in charge of medical tests, a alcoologue)

The psychiatrist is responsible for the therapeutic care, he is the bearer of proposed guidelines in the educational team and care. In his method of work, he developed a method of consultation meetings with the look and presence of the educator. The general practitioner is also acupuncturist and doctor of sports, he was responsible for check-ups for residents and transmits to the rest of the team observed symptoms (somatization, anxiety, phobias, …)

Our psychologist is responsible for an assessment of our population through the ASI, Addiction Severity Index and is a multifactorial behavior related to the use of all psychoactive substances can lead to damage and dependence. A social worker in charge of liaison work for the social aspect of the individual resident.

A center of nursing (nursing graduates of state, a nurse responsible for the administration of methadone), but also responsible for the health of residents, the lifestyle and relationship with physicians. Of educators responsible for assisting residents.

Of nursing aides performing services at night. The administrative staff consists of two secretaries and an economist.

Note : You, someone close to you or someone you know who have addiction problems (drugs, gambling, bulimia, anorexia, etc. ..), you have a dependency on one or more toxic products ( cocaine, crack, heroin, tobacco, alcohol, etc..) do not hesitate to consult professionals in the Care Center, you will find an attentive listening, reassurance, advice, guidance and positive or constructive for your wellness.


Welcome to CSRM / Clarac

Address : CSRM – Ex-Clarac Hospital – Boulevard Pasteur – 97200 Fort-de-France - Martinique FWI                        

Tel : O596 592 572 / 0596 592 598 – Fax: 0596 592 593

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