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22 juin, 2009

The Holiday of Music

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It was first conceived in 1976 by the American musician Joel Cohen who worked for Radio France – France Musique. Cohen proposed for this chain of « Saturnalia of Music » for June 21 and December 21 at the two solstices. He wanted the group to play music on 21 June evening, the day of the summer.
After the presidential elections of 1981 this idea was adapted by Maurice Fleuret and implemented in France by Jack Lang as Minister of Culture. Its first edition took place on 21 June 1982 but was officially declared on 21 June 1983. It is during a popular celebration and the event has been increasingly successful during the following decades.

La Fête de la Musique takes place around the world on 21 June (date to coincide mostly with the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere), mainly at night until the next morning. It is now celebrated in hundreds of countries. Various local music festivals taking place this day of the solstice participate today in this celebration.

It is sometimes known as English World Music Day (World Day of Music), although the french name is also often used in some Anglophone countries (along with Make Music!, Literal translation of « Make Music! « ) or German, or under names literally translated as Fiesta de la Música (Spanish), Festa della Musica (Italian), Święto Muzyki (Polish) Praznic Musike (Bosnian) or Günü Dünya Müzik (Turkish), with logos graphically similar to those used in France for the festivities associated with the french program.


A celebration of all music for all audiencesLa Fête de la Musique is not a festival. This is a great popular demonstration, free, open to all amateur and professional participants, who wish to produce each year and accessible to millions of people who are the most curious and most available target.

It mixes all musical genres and is aimed at all audiences, aiming to popularize musical practice and familiarize young and old from all walks of life to all musical expressions. It is an opportunity to talk freely to music.


 A festival free and open

Musicians are invited to perform voluntarily, and all events are free to the public, whether they occur in the halls or outside. Its territory is preferred the outdoors, streets, squares, gardens, classes of buildings, museums or castles … but the Fête de la Musique is also an opportunity to suggest the major music institutions (orchestra, operas, choirs, etc..) out of their walls, or to allow other music genres.
It offers the possibility of creating trade flows between the inner cities and their suburbs, to offer concerts in hospitals or prisons, develop encounters and exchanges.


 Launched in France in 1982, the Fête de la Musique is now celebrated European and international levels, present in over 100 countries on five continents, each 21 juin.Si pulse and dynamism of the cultural network to french abroad (cultural department of French Embassies, Cultural Institutes and Centers and Alliances Françaises french) contributed significantly to this development, many local actors (Ministries of Culture, Municipalities, Regions, music professionals, artistic associations , etc..), which now involved in organizing the event. For example, in Europe, a network of operators and has established institutional structures and form the association of the European Fête de la Musique. Meanwhile, initiatives abound outside the network.

 The festivitiesLa Fête de la Musique aims to promote music in two ways. Under the slogan homophone to its name, « Make music! « It encourages amateur musicians to perform volunteer in the streets and public spaces. Through the organization of numerous free concerts, but fans of professionals, it allows a wide audience access to music of all types and origins (classical music, jazz, rock, world music, traditional music, etc. .) and even those sung in any language.

Many institutions are allowed to stay open longer this evening to welcome the public, and many streets are closed to traffic in major cities to make room for organized or improvised scenes and spectators who walk to a show another. However, this is not the case where the scenes are mounted in spaces defined better, such as parks and sports facilities, but also concert halls with entries exceptionally free that day. Besides the free shows and concerts of amateur street, paying concerts can sometimes be arranged for artists but can not claim the name « Fête de la Musique ».


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