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6 mars, 2009

The Rivers in Madinina

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My island, Martinique account 70 watercourse (33 km for the more long), whose major part flows in the north. Several stations in observe the quality by measuring in priority four types of pollution : industrial, agricultural, urban and domestic. The health monitoring of collection points is ensured by the DSDS* which conducts approximately 1800 samples per year.

95% of the water we consume comes from our rivers, the remaining 5% are captured in the aquifer. Statistically, the United Nations considers that, 25 liters of water is the quantity daily minimum necessary for drinking, eating and wash. However, with us, 165 liters are consumed by day and people.

On sewage :

40% of the population is normally connected to the network of sanitation collective (stations cleansing);

60% is the responsibility of sanitation said to be independent, frequently inefficient badly maintained bus or non-existent, where direct discharges in the natural environment without treatment. Efforts have been achieved but, there is still way to go if we want to pass a quality water to future generations and by a few gestures officials who must become reflexes.

For example:

- Not to wash the car to the river,

- close the valve when one brush the teeth, approximately 18 liters would be saved,

- to use in the extent possible of the products at least biodegradable for spots housewives,

- Do not use the nature as discharge including the too many used batteries and other televisions who are abandoned, while it enough to get information from the town hall of his domicile,

- For the occupants, ensure the maintenance of the septic tank* and user moderately of products for maintenance because they affect its effectiveness as well as that of sanitation system,

- for owners, periodically check the effectiveness of sanitation,

Admit that these are just that behavior little binding.

Moreover, it must know that the washing cars in river is prohibited and may listen 450 euros fine in cases of flagrante delicto and that the code of the environment provides up to 75.000 euros fine and two years in prison in case of pollution proved !

Then, now, respect and protect our rivers, it is a common responsibility that we have this vital commodity therefore particularly valuable which enables us, Martinique, power picnic among family or friends to the Rivière Blanche in the freshness of Heart Bouliki or Funds Saint-Denis on the site of Saut Gendarme, in perfect communion with this luxuriant nature and generous.

Of course, we will avoid degrade these small paradise with our waste because, always with the basket, there will be a garbage bag which will be reduced to the House.

The most sports can explode their rate of adrélanine in carrying out the descent of the cascades of the River Three-Arm between the Sinner and Grand-Rivière.

You have therefore all leisure for visiting and discover the beauties of the island of flowers, but preserve-respecting our rivers, our beaches and our rivers.

Believe tomorrow at our children and to future generations, let them a country, a beautiful Martinique, with of sea water and rivers not polluted and quality of water sanitation impeccable.

Thanks you !!

*Direction of Health and Social Development.

*Discharge at least once every four years by a specialized firm.

Source : ODE


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