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16 avril, 2008

Yam (Igname en anglais)

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Etymology word Spanish dating back to 1515 diverted Iname of the African word nyami


Origin Africa of the west 

English:  Yam 

Other names: Mexican turnip, Jicama 

Discovered by Christophe Columbus while it did stop to Gauged, the yam has not actually earth of origin.  On the other hand, its adoption earths are numerous and one rediscovers it just as well to the West Indies as in India and in Africa. 


In New Papua Guinea, in the islands Trobiand, the yam is cultivated before all for his form and is an integral part life social and religious of its inhabitants.  This is a prestige sign, of empower in this specific culture that wove during the centuries, a solid link between the towns and the clans. 

The size and the yam form does the whole difference and the men, sit on the place, can discuss during hours on the culture of this tubercule and each aims to be honored title of tokwaibagula, the supreme brand of the perfect gardener that succeeded, by his knowledge and his empowered one to create a product of the exceptional earth that the cover of prestige. Harvest. 


The yam worship finds evidently his apogee at the time of the harvest.  When one digs up them, one exposes them immediately to the view of all for that they be one to an admired and judged student.  The number of the « orteils » does to push of the cries of ecstasy and the gardener returns thanks to the gods to have given to the nature, this form madness that will allow for him to raise itself within the clan.  Since the cultures often are carried out to the exterior one town, one transports them and the women come to surround this procession.  The yams are again expositions for that all those that did not participate in the harvest, can pass their commentaries.  After multiples discuss endlessly, they are stored in houses of the yam, constructed by the men of the town but left under the responsibility of the women that always must maintain them to full capacity. 

To the Nigeria, the bosses and the notable ones of the agrarian communities never touch a yam before to have appeased the hunger of the gods.  If a man covets a woman and wants to ask his hand, it has first to show that it is in a position to make a spouse live and possess at least 200 roots of yam to put itself on the rows. 

To the Nigeria, the yam is part of the national menu.  On the other hand, to the Ghana, this is the welcoming dish that one serves to the importance visitors. 


This is the traditional dish of the west indian kitchen and the national dish of the Nigeria composing it from the Indian doughnuts flavored to the coriander and to the

ginger and the greediness of the Americans. 


Nutritious value

Calories:  120 Waters:  74% o’clock. of carbon:  28 g Matters fatty:  0.2 g Proteins:  1.5 g a portion of 125 g obtains 25% of the ratio

in vitamin C require by starchier day than the potato, it cooks himself more quickly and can eat believed. 


Jumped to the wok, the yam remains crunching and becomes an excellent substitute in the recipes that ask brown of water. 

A small recipe


Blown of yam


let 140 ml of milk heat with 2 c. to s. of butter;

add 500 g of crushed, well hot yam while whipping well for well to mix the all;

add 2 c. to s. of grated cheese, salt and pepper; put back the saucepan on the fire to minimal power for 2 to 3 minutes;

withdraw the fire saucepan; add 2 yellow ones of egg beaten;

beat the 2 white ones of egg well close and incorporate delicately to the mixture while taking care of well to air the mass;

to lapse into a dish to blown previously plastered; sprinkle the all of a c. to s. of grated cheese and slip in the oven to 350 degrees F. (180 degrees C.) until the breath is gilded;

the breath too must never cook for it loses his aerial texture; one can verify if it is cooked by the color and while slipping a peg as to verify the cooking of a cake; if the peg is dry, the breath is cooked;

Serve immediately for a breath never accepts awaiting. 

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